It is widely known that laughter is the best form of medicine.

In such a busy and hectic world we often find ourselves involved so deeply in serious matters that we forget to laugh.

From the 14th to the 15th of September, 2018, The ROFL

Film Festival has it covered! The first day of the festival

will be dedicated to films in the Spanish language (with

English subtitles) and day 2 will feature films in other

languages (with Spanish or English subtitles).

We’re looking for filmmakers who not

only love to laugh but who also love

to make an audience laugh. We hope

that the audience and filmmakers will

enjoy and laugh their way through

this festival. What better way to spread joy to the

world than with films that make us


We want humour from all

corners of the world, from

all cultures, races and genders!
Bring us your shorts,

features, documentaries, web

series, sketches, TV series

and scripts. The ROFL

Film Festival accepts all

types and genre of film.

We’re looking for satire,

slapstick, word play, musical

comedy, mockumentaries,

deadpan comedies and more!
We take comedy very

seriously here at the ROFL

Film Festival and our team

ensure they are safely seated

on the floor before viewing

your submissions so we are

well prepared for when your

work has us rolling on the

floor in fits of giggles!

Lets share joy, laughs, smiles, good vibes and happiness.